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Our Expertise

Performance, Scalability, and Robustness with every deliverable

At Cadence Data Soft we take conscious efforts thru our proven processes to ensure that our deliverables have built in performance, scalability, and robustness. Consequently, you achieve the desired business objectives!

Expertise classified

Each tier in the ergonomically designed Modern Business Application or (SaaS Applications) plays a vital role in providing a complete, seamless, and fulfilling end-to-end user experience. This is the result of harmoniously working tiers and carefully architected and designed modules at each tier.



Our expertise in each tier [Web UI. Mobile Application, APIs, BFFs, Gateways, Microservices, Persistent Storage, Security, Authorization, Monitoring, Analysis, Scalable Infra, DevOps Pipelines] enables us to help you achieve your business objectives.

Application Echo System

Modern applications live their lifecycle in an ecosystem that is completely different from legacy applications. They require unconstrained and on-demand resources to deliver the results. We have mastered these ecosystems to deliver optimized performance.


  • OpenStack 

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Microsoft Azure

  • IBM Watson

  • Oracle Cloud

Case Study

How we developed scalable billing system for OpenStack

UX and Fluidic User Interface

We help you amalgamate Art and Psychology with Science to achieve a delightful product experience for your customers. We build Mobile First Web UI that can work in coordination with BFFs to provide form factor specific interactions.

  • Mobile Frist Web UI, UX and Graphic Designers

  • Major GUI Frameworks

  • Interaction Design

  • BFFs for Each Form Factors

  • Accessibility and White Labeling

  • Custom Controls

Case Study

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Application and data security have always been a great concern for businesses, more so in today's world of machine learning and bots. The echo system for "Modern Business Applications" has to face newer challenges. While Infrastructure providers may inspect Ingress traffic for vulnerabilities like DDoS, Malware Injection, etc. It is recommended that applications build resilience within, to counter attacks. This is exactly where we help.

  • Identify Vulnerabilities SAST and DAST

  • Authentication and Authorization for each Microservice

  • Microservice Containerization

  • Policy-based Access Control

  • Creating Multiple Security Profiles

  • Threat Modeling

  • Event Analytics

  • Breach detection

Case Study

Built-in security for scalable Public Cloud Applications

Software Compliance

Claiming software compliance to standards may open up a bigger market, help build trust. However, gaps in compliance may result in undesirable consequences. The compliance requirements for an application vary based on the nature of the application, geography, industry, and target audience. The compliance issues get complex when the product uses third-party components or open-source modules. At Cadence Data Soft, we help you with your compliance requirements.

  • Make Application Compliant

  • Identify and Fix the Gaps

  • Get Certified

Case Study

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Data Management and Sharing

Data is constantly being churned while an application is in use. The choice of storage and access framework depends on key storage properties that your application demands. The architect and designers play a vital role in making the optimum choice of storage. This decision largely depends on the following factors. Acceptable Latency, Volume of data, Granularity, Mutability, IOPS, Data accuracy, Availability, Scalability, Security, and the Cost. At Cadence Data Soft, our architects and designers would choose the right storage that fits your application's requirements.

  • Caching 

  • Streaming

  • Persistent Database

  • In Memory Database

  • Clustered Storage

  • Flat Files

  • Secondary storage

Case Study

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Data Analytics

The approach behind collecting the statistical data for the analytical purpose has significantly changed from having database snapshots to gathering information at different points in an application. Various frameworks including distributed computing framework approaches such as Hadoop, Messaging Bus, Pipelining, Transformers have made it easy to include analytics at various stages into your application's data flow. However, drawing business intelligence out of statistical information gathered depends on the nature of the application and target users. At Cadence Data Soft we help you draw BI with our unique and non-intrusive ability to collect data.


  • Distributed frameworks

  • Data Transformations, Sandboxing

  • Data Transformation and Normalization

  • Transformation Pipelining 

  • Sinks

  • Artificial Intelligence 

Case Study

Coming up soon, can't wait? Ask for it, click here

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