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Enhanced business agility with Engineered Mobile Apps.

I have observed creative Mobile application engineers using WebView full throttle. If you are a customer-facing e-commerce application, your business always wants your customers to revisit your online or offline stores. You often create reasons from time to time to achieve these business objectives. Essentially, you need tools, those crafted for your needs. This is easily possible with the web, but in this mobile-first driven economy, the traditional or native ways of building mobile applications just cannot keep up with the pace and agility needed by the businesses. This is true even if you are using hybrid solutions.

Webview can be used in many different ways with mobile apps. The one that I particularly like is using Webview to load the UI templates while leaving the workflow managed (by the application framework). Once the template is loaded into the web view you can inject the necessary script into this Html, enabling it to work with dynamic data.

The code injection opens up great possibilities to bring this kind of agility to applications where you may have never thought of using the Webview in first place.


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