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Want it or not our world is moving towards making objects intelligent

Customer communication is key component of every business. It is evident that these communications are typically of repetitive nature. They are context driven and mostly focused on subscriptions of the user.

Want it or not our world is moving towards making objects intelligent. How? By way of embracing machine learning by the industries, notably this is a baby step towards making objects learn by themselves. NLP or natural language processing a way of interfacing with these objects.

IBM is one such technology service provider that allows users to use their AI infrastructure so even a smallest business can afford to implement things like bots into their applications.

Bots in your application is yet another software feature that could help satisfy your “Business requirements”, your creativity resides here. For example, you could help your customers with a 24x7 support by answering their mundane queries. Seek instantaneous approval from a traveling manager.

We at Cadence Data Soft can help you transfer your mundane tasks from a real person to the bot using IBM Watson services. Click here for more.

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