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Object Storage for your SaaS Applications

If you are a SaaS application vendor, you may have hosted your applications on one of the major public cloud providers. This is a great way to kick off, but probably not the best way to grow.

As your organization grows your customer base increases, so does your revenue and employee count. Since you are using elastic IT infrastructure its usage also goes up proportionately with your organizations growth. All the service providers gather usage statistics, but you don’t know how they use it for promoting their own services. Sometimes it may be taxing your organizational growth.

As the growth continues you start to lose on economy of scale when it comes to hired IT infrastructure such as storage. There are several alternatives that can exercised to get all the benefits of cloud and still own your own infrastructure at fraction of cost when compared to recurring outgo.

One such storage is OpenStack swift object storage. Typical properties of objects storage are:

They are Affordable Resilient Scalable!

OpenStack swift object storage cluster solution is affordable resilient as well as scalable.

Scales with your business

Open source cluster storage that simply scales Up or Down as your business needs change.

Zero maintenance window

No more extreme emergency so administrators can focus on not just tactical needs.

Its future ready

Relax because swift storage is future ready with rich metadata capability. That can power analytics.

These are just a few advantages of using Object Storage. At Cadence Data Soft we can help you implement Object Storage and integrate it with you SaaS application. Find out how

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