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Decouple SaaS from Storage and gain more customers

There are two type of customers, those who are ready to move their data to your application, and then those, who are want to keep their data inside their premises. Both require you, but only those who are ready to move their data are your potential customers.

According to an IDG report Concerns about where data is stored (43%), cloud security (41%) and vendor lock-in (21%) are the top three challenges organizations face when adopting public cloud technologies.

It is possible to architect SaaS application to address these problems. At Cadence Data Soft we can help you design and architect solution around your current application. This can be done in such a way that your SaaS application only holds the metadata required to access user’s storage. Irrespective of whether he holds it in cloud or on his premises, as long as your application is able to connect to such storage.

This would improve your ability to cater to wider audience while focusing on processing logic and presentation of information.

On the other hand, organizations will be able to keep trail of what has been accessed and when, giving them complete confidence in your application. Thus, paving a path for Onboarding. Get more information

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