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“A picture is worth a thousand words”, only if...

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, only if you have enough time to view it. Many SaaS and legacy applications deal with large number of images. Classifying these images manually could be a humongous task.

Artificial intelligence understands the contents of images. With this technology, you can automatically classify images, tag the image, recognize a few details. For example, you can identify food items in the image, find human faces, make an approximation of age and gender. You can also search similar images in a collection.

You can be creative by training the system for customized classification and search result.

IBM is one such technology service provider that allows users to use their AI infrastructure so even a smallest business can afford to implement such classification into their applications.

We at Cadence Data Soft can help you add features based on your applications image processing requirements using IBM Watson. This feature can significantly improve usability of your software, consequently making your customers more productive. Click here for more.

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