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Focused approach – What stage of startup you are in?

This is part I of three part blog, attempting to highlight how important it is for startups to stay focused on their core activities. The first part focuses on initial stage of startup, surviving.

We all want to be #1 player in our own market space and continue to stay ahead of the curve. Doing that is never easy and staying there is tough.

Being in existence for a company starts financially negative, while inviting competition as you try to buy in people to join the company as stake holders. All you have during the start is unrealised innovation and debt in the form of investment. Most funded companies never fly because competition is racing to acquire top spots and setting industry benchmarks.

One of the ways most startups attempt to penetrate into a market space is by taking innovation route. Each such innovation needs to qualify several “marketable” factors. If the innovation is marketable you stand a chance to survive in the market space. While all such factors are taken into account, one major factor that also needs to be taken into account is “Focus”. Being focused needs tough decision, such as shaving away non-core tasks form the list and make it responsibility of someone else, thus fuelling core tasks with even more resources.

There are several suppliers in the market, including suppliers who are focused on niche technologies. It is possible that some of these supplier could do better job than you yourself attempting to do it. Such suppliers can be made responsible for noncore jobs. If the supplier can produce/supply at cheaper rate than you could, it can give you added advantage and an opportunity for you to improve time to market factor by diverting excess funds from noncore to core tasks.

As you continue to demonstrate the potential of your innovation to the industry, industry starts appreciating your efforts, end-user likes what you are almost geared up to offer. However, no one really is keen on betting on your offerings, thus dragging your focus to educating, supporting and gathering feedback from potential customers and possible references, this is in addition to innovation that you need to continue to focus on.

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