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Content Management System

Take your CMS to next level with a touch of Artificial Intelliagence

Add features that will improve customer base, ease of use with AI. Integrate Image recognition and automated support with IBM Watson

Plugable Content 

Presentation of the content has always been in focus for the CMS providers. It is equally important to win customer confidence when it comes to data security. There are two major aspects of this, data leak and data loss. At Cadence Data Soft we understand this problem and can help you with innovative approches to deal with these problems. Learn more

Find out how some of the advanced features listed below can give your CMS competitive advantage

VirtuaL BOTAgent

Find out how virtual agents can help your customers with mundane tasks


Let the images speak loud and clear so they can be queried when needed

object storage

Move content to Object Storage, they are highly scalable, durable and maintenance free


Isolate content from CMS and give customers ability to reconcile data access & ease onboarding.

Looking for Demo?

We will gladly help you with it. Kindly fill in the inquiry form and we will arrange a demo for you within next seven working days. Click here 

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